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We've been blessed to serve our community over the years. And once you've been a part of our sale, you're family. So...welcome to our JBF Family!

Alyssa Clark, Melda McCann, Lendsy Stephens

Who We Are

We get it - raising kids is rewarding, but also expensive. That's why we love coordinating the Just Between Friends sales in our community—to provide a way for families to take great care of their growing kids by shopping and selling. It's a win-win!

We are a grandmother/mother/daughter trio and have THE most fun coordinating our JBF events together. 

Melda (or Mamaw) has been a long-time thrift-aholic, always shopping for the best-of-the-best deals for her family. She found JBF as grandkids came onto the scene, and she was instantly hooked! Melda had been consigning and shopping JBF for years before jumping in as a sale owner in 2019. She has a heart for helping new consignors, so when she's not tagging items to sell, she's coaching newbies and finding ways to help them be successful. 

Lendsy has 9 (yes, NINE) kiddos of her own, so she knows a thing or two about shopping on a budget. She has also shopped and consigned at JBF for years, and it only made sense to get even MORE involved as an owner. She is the brains behind all things spreadsheets, schedules, budgets, team organization, and probably a million other things.

Alyssa is the third member of this business trio! She grew up the official JBF kid...shopped all of the local events with her family, and was trained from the start to hunt for all of the stylish deals for herself and her siblings. The last fall sale was even more special, as she and her hubby got to shop for their own little one for the first time 😍 Alyssa handles all the marketing for JBF Texoma. So you'll likely see her with her phone and camera in hand. 

Our Team

Each JBF sale is a community effort, and we are so thankful for all of the team members who make it happen! It truly is a family environment, and we love getting to know and working alongside each of our team members. Did you know that team members get to shop first? Email us to find out how you can be a team member!


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